Updated 08/03/15

The Lincoln Tank Memorial Group is delighted to announce the launch of the Lincoln Tank Ale brewed by Pheasantry Brewery of East Markham. A donation will be made to the Tank Memorial Group for each cask of Ale sold.  Joe Cooke Chairman of the group has said ‘this is another welcome addition to our fundraising efforts and we are very grateful to Mark Easterbrook from Pheasantry Brewery for his support, we have already received emails from people who have tasted the beer and remarked how pleasant it is to contribute to the project in such an enjoyable way!’.

The Ale is being sold by Small Beers of Lincoln and by the brewery direct.  It is described as a well hopped classic English Beer with a full rounded flavour and low to medium bitterness, 4.2 % ABV.

Mark Easterbrook said ‘we were keen to become involved when the tank group contacted us earlier this year, already there is keen interest in the beer from pubs either wanting to support the project or wanting to try out the new brew’.

Further information:

www.pheasantrybrewery.co.uk Mark Easterbrook 01777 872728

Lincoln Tank Ale

Pheasantry Brewery Website